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Why Learning Ayurveda is Essential in modern life ?

Our modern lifestyle where work, communication, business and travel has been made extremely easy for man, with various gadgets and machines equipped electronic technology. But Still life has become more complex and competitive. People are under stress than ever before because with the modern technology and lifestyle , demand of output also increases . This results in to changing priorities and work longer time to fulfill requirements. Families are breaking up because due to lack of care and time. Several diseases have sprung up and are increasing due to the basic factor of stress and aggressiveness, and are now frequenting at an early age like Diabetes , cancer , Asthama , Greying of Hairs etc . Ayurveda teaches you how to adopt right way of living . It helps you to maintain your physical , Mental & Emotional . If You are Health & Wellness enthusiast and loves nature , then Ayurveda learning is perfect for you . Even if people are giving preference to organic food , yoga and meditation but health issues are still increasing in all age group . Ancient times people were healthy and lived above 100 years without technology and medicines . Ayurveda has certain theories which can help your body to increase immunity and keep away from all health issues. New age Ayurveda can easily merge in your lifestyle without disturbing daily routine and you will notice significant transformation in your life . It shows you mistakes which are causes of big health problems and guide to control small health symptoms by your own . Also learning of Ayurveda gives you chance to be health counselor to guide people for healthy life style and get rid of their health issues. When we see happiness on all faces after workshops and courses in Thane , Mumbai & Pune , we actually work on mission of FIt India . Lets join hands to spread ayurveda to improve healthy living and save nature in form of natural herbs . Feel free to send whats app queries on – + 91 9769110999 /

Vitamin D 3 is most common Lifestyle health problem

One day when I was packing up after my clinic time , I T professional has visited to me . He was around 32 years old and looks like fit in over all body structure . He apologies for late coming but since his office time is 9 AM to 9 PM , he has to come after that . I was shocked how could he work 12 hours shift , but then he explained that time is 6 but work load makes him to sit till late night . He said I am physically fit but now days I am feeling aching joints , reduced alertness and some times disturbed digestion . i did my health checkup but everything is fine . I eat home made food and walk daily to maintain fitness but still muscle pain is there . He already started calcium supplement in impression of calcium deficiency and getting more complications .So he requested me if I could help him through ayurveda.

My first question was “ have you checked Vitamin D3 and Rheumatoid Arthritis factor ? “ His reaction was like am I looking like old age person and why  asking these tests . But Vitamin D deficiency is very common. It’s estimated that about 1 billion people worldwide have low levels of the vitamin in their blood but couldn’t diagnose it as there is no specific symptom . Vitamin D Plays important role in Calcium Absorption into the bones . So there is always Calcium deficiency in body when Vitamin D is insufficient .

This patient is staying indoor whole day and couldn’t even feel sun rays in many years . this is one of the important factor which lowers down vitamin D3 in your body . some common symptoms in your day to day life are –

  1. Getting sick and infected often – vitamin D’s most important roles is keeping your immune system strong so you’re able to fight off the viruses and bacteria that cause illness. So if you are getting frequent cough and cold then Vitamin D deficiency could be the reason .
  2. Tiredness and no energy – If you are feeling tired all the time then there chances of low vitamin D level . unfortunately it is often overlooked and Taking suppliments can increase energy for short time but problem will not resolved.
  3. Bone & back Pain – Vitamin D maintains bone and joint health through number of mechanism . So bone and back pain is the result of in adequate Vitamin D .
  4. Depressed mood – reduced alertness and mood swings also associated with Vitamin D deficiency .
  5. Muscle Pain – This type of muscle pain is always difficult to pinpoint . but severe pain and tenderness in all muscles is clear symptom for D 3 vitamin deficiency
  6. Delayed joint repair – After accident or fracture when joint took long time to reunite then there might be lack of calcium and vitamin D.
  7. Skin issues like eczema and Psoriasis

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine that makes use of herbs existing in the nature and formulates herbal remedies using the inherent power present in these herbs.  Ayurveda has herbal remedies bring to you the richness of the herbs in a natural, unadulterated form. These combinations without side effects help improve immunity and provide strength, endurance and support to joints .  It is just like your food taking every day and makes a lot of difference in your nutrition .
Ayurveda uses the  power of natural herbs to bring about wonderful results on the human body. The herbs are natural and 100% safe. The herbs in Ayurveda help replenish the calcium stores in the body in natural way which makes our joints and bones stronger . They help by aiding the mechanism of the body become stronger and self dependent.  When the body starts using its calcium supplies in a healthy  way  , then there is no requirement of chemical content medicines to increase calcium level.


Sunlight is the biggest source which promotes Vitamin D Synthesis from Cholesterol in the skin .

Vegetarian Diet that provide Vitamin D –

Dairy products like cheese

Orange Juice

Soya Milk


Raw Milk

Non Vegetarian Diet that provides Vitamin D –

Hard boiled Egg yolks

Fish Like Tuna , Mackerel and Salmon

Beef Liver

However if you don’t spend enough time in the sun , you may start diet whicjh ensures adequate intake . There are many worst things can happen withyou like cancer , arthritis , osteopenia or heart disease if you are getting enough Vitamin D .

Lets start eating healthy balanced food and control this common health problem which is spreading more than 10 million  cases per year in India .

After all staying healthy is always better than staying long life with many health problems , isn’t it ?

Vitamin D 3 Deficiency



Cutting Chai in monsoon…Good or Bad ?

When the monsoon clouds on the horizon and sipping a hot cup of tea always gives you pleasure beyond description . Mumbai is the place where people belonging BMW or MERC Cars parking them roadside to take a sip of cutting chay in this rainy season. .

I really feel pity when patients says I stopped drinking tea due to acidity or started black tea to control weight . How can they miss joys of tea when rain is showering happiness in monsoon and why tea is becoming culprit for acidity and obesity .?

When drinking milk is source of calcium and protein then how it can change properties when added to tea. its true that Milk tea should be avoided in certain medical conditions like diabetes , Anemia etc and not in normal healthy individual .

Tea has antioxidant , Flavonoid and carotenoid helps to prevent aging early .It has catechin helps to avoid heart disease and 25 types of  Amino acid as supplements. Tannin content inhibits iron absorption but when taken in large quantity .

Many people complains that green tea doesn’t have taste and without sugar it’s just like a warm water . But still taking every day for good health . Without taste how it could be for refreshment or relaxing mind . Green tea is good for health no doubt but regular tea is not bad actually . 4 cup of tea per day never gives ill effects to the body . Milk and tea both are not culprits for bad health effects but sugar is when taken more than body  requirement .

American heart association is one of the first to issue guideline on daily  sugar intake . In women it’s 100 calories daily which means 6 table spoons and in men it is 150 calories which is 9 tablespoon . Healthy diet plan for daily food is 1200 calories per day . One chapati is about 100 calories .If you are taking sugar 6 tablespoon then you can balance your other food menu for 1100 calories to maintain healthy body . Isn’t it ?  So its more important to choose healthy meals rather than blaming poor tea.

Ayurveda believes body composed by three doshas. ..vaat,  pitta and cough . When these 3 doshas are balanced one can stay healthy throughout his life .

Tea is refreshing , detoxifying and stress buster when drank with added combination  of effective herbs or spices . We can choose healthy ways to drink regular tea to enjoy it without health problems.

Few Healthy ways to drink regular milk tea –
1. Always eat some healthy cookies ,  wheat toast , sandwich or Marie biscuits along with your tea instead of only tea .
2. Lower down sugar in your regular milk tea to control calorie intake . Drink without sugar when sipping road side tapri cutting chai as continuous boiling always make it little sweet .
3. When making at home don’t boil black tea for long time as Tannin comping in tea gives bitter taste and less iron absorption .
4. Once you make back tea add little milk and then stop boiling .
5. English breakfast tea is the perfect combination of balanced tea .
6. You can switch to skimmed milk or skimmed milk powder to control more calories .
7. Soya milk can be added to black tea which makes it more healthy .

You don’t have to go for organic or herbal tea but try some experiments at your home with ginger , tulsi, lemongrass or various spices like clove , cinnamon , cardamom etc. Make your own ayurvedic tea at home and enjoy !. Each herb adds special effects to tea and makes tea more healthy hot drink option .  We can choose spices as per season , age or health problem . We will discuss in next article Which herb or spice to be choose as per regular lifestyle . Switch to right the way  but don’t run away from your traditional food habits. They are in your soul and missing them means missing internal happiness .

Curl up on the sofa and start sipping …
Say cheers to cutting chai this monsoon !!




Dr.Pradnya’s new age Ayurvedic Facts

Ayurveda has got rebirth in the form of extracts and now can give fast results . It can cure and control all health problems without changing your regular lifestyle .                 We follow so many diet advises , switch to organic food , stop eating rice , choosing extra fibers in biscuits to maintain fitness and body shape . But what about our taste buds which are developed from childhood .?                                                                                   There will be one day when we will throw all diet plans out of mind and start taking bites of samosas or eating fish curry rice . We can’t follow any diet through out our life .  It’s very important to maintain our body shape by choosing right meal proportion at eating at right time. No need to change your food but good to change your eating habits. These mantras will give secrets of ayurveda diet for healthy body , skin , hairs and many more health problems . You will be fit and fine throughout your life if you know eating habits as per season ,  timing and meal proportion . We can enjoy our traditional food and and at the same time maintain your health with the help of Ayurveda.

New Age Ayurveda

Ayurveda Diet and facts about nutrition from regular meal